Fortune 500 decision making methodologies and
business disciplines for middle market companies


Mergers & Acquisitions

Very few business activities are more complex than acquiring or selling a business.

Buyers – A thorough pre-acquisition review can help you gauge the complexities and risks associated with a pending transaction. A multi-disciplined due diligence approach can help you assess transaction pricing, opportunities to create value post acquisition and identify risks and deal killers. Due diligence should be comprehensive and take a multi-disciplined approach utilizing the functional expertise (e.g. operations, sales and marketing, legal, finance, human resources, et al.) within your company to confirm acquisition value, identifying impairments to value and deal killers, as well as creating a pre-closing post acquisition plan of integration.

  • Business Case Assessment
  • Due Diligence Planning, Coordination & Leadership
  • Preparation of Custom Designed Due Diligence Programs
  • Financial Modeling – Financial Projections / Cash Flow Analysis
  • Valuation
  • Identification and Quantification of Synergies
  • Assessment of Cultural Issues & Compatibility
  • Other Specialized Analysis
  • Deal Negotiations / Transaction Structure
  • Capital Structure Analysis
  • Post Acquisition Integration

Sellers – Exit strategies should be planned well in advance of the time that the exit is desired. Companies that run their businesses by the numbers are more prized by acquirers and fetch higher values. Likewise, valuation is a function of risk. Information reduces both actual risk and perceived risk. Quality information = lower risk = higher value.

Companies can reap financial rewards and prepare themselves for eventual sale at a higher valuation by adopting operations and financial best practices to manage both growth and manage timely problem solving by running their business by the numbers.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Planning & Budgeting Process
  • Process Improvement
  • Monthly / Quarterly Management Reviews
  • Timely Problem Identification & Resolution
  • Integration of Financial Information with Operations Decision Making
  • Benchmarking Against Key Competitive Metrics & Industry Peers

There is a direct correlation between risk and valuation. Information reduces risk, and time kills deals. Sellers have a better chance of completing the successful sale of their business at a higher price by providing timely and quality information and analysis to potential acquirers.

  • Due Diligence Preparation
  • Data Room Set Up
  • Financial Analysis
  • Deal Negotiations / Transaction Structure

Corporate Planning Resources can help on either side of the transaction. We can help buyers with pre-acquisition reviews including due diligence programs and program leadership, financial modeling, deal negotiation, transaction structure and more. We can help sellers prepare their company for sale through business planning and process improvement programs and later with due diligence preparation, financial modeling, analysis, deal negotiations and transaction structure.

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